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Warehouse Epoxy Flooring


When it comes to the storage of goods, many factors need to be considered. A safe and clear environment needs to be maintained to ensure quick and easy access to stock, often with heavy machinery like forklifts required to move goods from A to B. All these can often cause damage to untreated flooring with repetitive use, costing money and valuable time to repair and maintain. Epoxy floors are designed with exactly this need in mind, being hardy to withstand all kinds of industrial equipment specific to warehousing, while still providing a high-quality finish worthy of a showroom floor.


Commonly used warehousing equipment like pallet racking, ramps and conveyors can cause a high level of stress and wear to traditional flooring surface materials such as concrete, causing cracks over time which are costly to repair. Epoxy is a great alternative to ensure your floors last longer and stay at a top quality for longer. If your warehouse has different temperature constraints such as refrigerative storage, we have products suitable for your needs too, with epoxy systems designed for high and low-temperature applications. No matter what your needs are, contact us today and we’re sure to have a solution available.


When considering safety so many factors come into play. If you can provide flooring that is bright and increases visibility, is smooth enough to run pallet jacks over but with enough grip to avoid slips, and is easily cleanable for those inevitable spills, you can help to eliminate most accidents that cause serious damage and valuable time loss. Epoxy flooring allows you to tweak and adjust the formula to make sure the end result serves your needs perfectly. Your warehouse needs to be as safe as possible, let us help you make sure your flooring is working for you.


We know that warehouses don’t often have to be as attractive as a brand new showroom, but keeping them clear and clean are of utmost importance. We have a wide range of flooring options available to help lighten your work areas, improving visibility, safety and ultimately productivity. Safety signage can also be integrated into your floor to save money on additional stickers that peel off over time. Our carefully selected epoxy products are also great for warehouses storing industrial chemicals, as our epoxy is very resistant to spills of all sorts, including hazardous materials, another thing you don’t need to worry about when selecting an epoxy floor


As mentioned earlier, keeping a space clean is paramount for safety. With floorings like concrete, tile or timber, cleaning can be tiresome and time wasting. At Long Island Epoxy Flooring we provide epoxy flooring systems that speed up the cleaning process and work with most cleaning products on the market, allowing you to invest your time in other areas of your business. For even more benefits to choosing epoxy over more traditional warehouse flooring products, head to our contact page and get in touch with our team, we are happily waiting to provide any helpful info and answer any questions you might have regarding our products and services.

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