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Industrial Epoxy Flooring


Industrial areas such as factories, showrooms and storage areas often come with their own unique set of challenges. High standards of cleanliness need to be kept in order to maximize safety, with flooring being where the most attention is usually placed. Having an unsafe surface underfoot can lead to disastrous consequences. Many flooring options such as tile and concrete can deteriorate and become slippery over time, leading to unnecessary and unwanted slips and falls. Protect your workers and your investment by installing a safe, easy to maintain and good-looking epoxy floor that will serve your workplace for years to come.

Strength and Resistance

Made from a mixture of resins and hardeners, epoxy doesn’t require glue or grout to form a strong and lasting bond with the surface its poured onto, with no cracks or gaps for dirt or unwanted chemicals to rest in. You can feel confident that your new epoxy floor can withstand heavy machinery, high traffic levels, and vehicles without wearing like alternative flooring options. We choose the best epoxies to ensure maximum life of our products, so you can carry on working with the peace of mind that your new flooring is going to serve you and your workers well.


We know just how important safety is, especially within the industrial field. Our flooring options can be chosen with your needs in mind. Your floor can be designed to be non-slip to limit slips, trips and falls without spending thousands on additional coatings to get the same result. We can also pour different colored epoxies to highlight certain safety areas and zones, keeping expensive signage at a minimum while important safety areas are clear to your workers. For a full list of the safety features available with our flooring systems, head to our contact page to get in touch with us and find out more


In any factory, downtime often isn’t an option – you don’t want to lose precious work hours cleaning, resurfacing or repairing your floors. With many factory flooring materials such as concrete, tiling or timber, a lot of time and effort is required to ensure the top surface stays clean and stable. To prevent damage and save your valuable time, consider an epoxy flooring system from Long Island Epoxy Flooring. We provide only the top quality products that are quick and easy to clean and maintain, meaning you can put your time and money into your business rather than your floor.

Every business has its own individual requirements, which is why we provide a fully customizable service. With most flooring products you’re limited to the same surface throughout your factory, having to add additional chemicals and coatings to get your desired final product. We offer many different colors, surfaces, and finishes so you can mix and match to get the best outcome for your application. Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice money, safety or quality when it comes to your flooring. Let us know your requirements and we can help you get the exact result you need to keep your workplace safe and efficient.

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