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Epoxy Restaurant Flooring


We all love our local restaurant, and the last thing we want from it is any sign of dirt or grime! Restaurant owners have a high expectation to keep cleanliness standards to a maximum, which can be exhausting when trying to juggle everything else involved in running a successful restaurant. Remove some of that stress by investing in low maintenance, easy to clean epoxy floor. We have been helping restaurants in Long Island showcase their amazing locations with stylish epoxy flooring for years. Get in touch with our skilled team to find out how we can get your restaurant looking great with your own new epoxy flooring.


Keeping a restaurant clean is often the top priority, which can get in the way of providing great food and service to your customers. Having a difficult to clean floor that shows stains and spills is a headache no restaurant owner wants to deal with. Investing in a low maintenance epoxy floor isn't just a cost-effective option for installation, but also in the long run. Spending less time cleaning and maintaining your floors whether it be in front of house, in the kitchen or in the storage areas means that you can put your time and money into more important things.


We know that the appearance of your restaurant is of utmost importance, that's why we make sure that whatever surface appearance you choose we make sure that it's installed with the professionalism, skill and care that we've spent years refining. We have a huge range of colors and styles available, from solid colors, marbling, and flake-additives; we can make sure that your new floor wows your customers. We have a team trained to answer any and all questions you may have about all things epoxy flooring; head to our contact page and get in touch with them today to discuss your restaurant's flooring needs.


Epoxy flooring is a great low-cost alternative to most flooring options on the market, especially when you consider you're getting the same if not higher quality finish than that of materials like vinyl, carpet or timber flooring. Another option to consider is using epoxy to coat your existing flooring to protect the appearance while being considerably easier to clean and maintain. If you have a beautiful polished concrete floor or freshly laid timber flooring, we have clear epoxy flooring systems available to easily go over the top of an existing floor. This preserves and highlights the surface below, meaning you can enjoy it without having to worry about any damage coming to the surface.

Speed of Installation

We understand that downtime in your restaurant means lost time and sales. We've developed our process to be as quick and efficient as possible while not compromising our high standard of work. No matter the size of your flooring project, we'll make sure we handle it with the level of professionalism and care that our customers have come to expect from us. Every job is different, so to give you the best idea possible of the costs and processing times required, head to our contact page today to get in touch with us. We can organize a free site inspection to give you an accurate quote so you can start the process of getting the perfect flooring for your restaurant.

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