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​​Medical Epoxy Flooring


The medical industry is extremely demanding, with safety and sanitation requirements needing to be upheld to ensure the safety of both patients and medical practitioners. Surfaces that are hard to clean can lead to the build-up of nasty germs and bacteria, which in the case of places like hospitals can have dire consequences. Having an epoxy floor means being able to quickly and easily clean away unwanted dirt, leaving a clean and safe environment for people that need it most. Consider Long Island Epoxy Flooring to provide you with a clean, quality and cost-effective flooring product that stands up to your needs.


We have products suitable for a range of industries, with many new anti-microbial epoxies available on the market, we are sure to have options for all applications within the medical industry. Whether it’s a large-scale hospital, medium-sized veterinary practice or small clinic; we have the right product for you and the perfect team to install it. Medical applications require a high level of care that we’re familiar with, as we have many years experience in the medical industry creating epoxy floors in a range of sizes and complexities. We’re confident our highly skilled team can handle whatever your project involves.


Sanitation is generally the number one factor when considering any flooring project within a medical application. Not only does the floor need to be easy to clean, but it needs to stay clean. With many innovative products available on the market with additives to make the epoxy anti-microbial while still being a high quality, durable surface perfect for the busy and heavy use that medical industries are used to. Speak with our team to discuss all your individual needs to see exactly how we can help you create a clean and easy to maintain the environment for your patients.


When moving around heavy and expensive medical equipment, the last thing you need is an unstable floor, causing damage to expensive equipment and dangerous harm to workers and patients. Our long trialed and tested epoxy systems use specially formulated resins and hardeners to create durable and impact-resistant flooring that’s safe to use for all low and high traffic areas. We want to make sure the last thing on your mind is the floor underfoot, giving you the security of knowing that no matter what happens on your floor, it’ll stay as safe and clean as the day it was installed!


Many traditional floors are limited to a single style or color, meaning that any changes in color, texture or purpose require expensive coatings or additives. This also means the final product has varying properties, some areas may degrade quicker than others, requiring constant and expensive maintenance to keep up to standard. Our epoxy flooring systems are completely customizable, allowing you to make the area work for you, not the other way around. We can offer multiple colors and textures across your project to suit the different needs of your site, as well as integrating features like signage into the floor.

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