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​​Epoxy Garage Floors


Epoxy flooring isn’t just a great option for inside your home, it’s perfect for your garage too! With its fantastic resistance to wear and tear, epoxy is a great option for automotive applications. Resistant to stains from oils or coolants, you’ll never have to worry about the hideous stains on your concrete floor again! With a quick wipe, any fluid leaking from your car is easily cleaned, and tire marks can be removed with a mop and bucket. Much more resilient than alternatives like tiling or polished concrete, epoxy can be made to suit whatever look you’re trying to achieve.

Chemical Resistance

Once the epoxy has been laid and has achieved a full cure, it leaves a solid, impermeable surface that’s resistant to most chemicals commonly found in a garage. This means that any leaks from cars, spills from cleaning chemicals, or any other mishaps that happen along the way don’t need to be worried about. Many alternative flooring solutions will crack, age and deteriorate over time, meaning you have to spend thousands of dollars repairing and maintaining your floors. You can rest easy knowing that your new epoxy flooring can handle anything you that comes its way, while still looking as good as the day it was poured.


As with all our epoxy products, the application is a quick and easy process. Surface preparation is required to ensure a good final product, as any imperfections in the surface below can affect the top of the epoxy, and if a transparent product is chosen, any existing stains can show through the epoxy. If proper care isn’t taken, a suboptimal result will be achieved – this is why at Long Island Epoxy Flooring, our expert team put an emphasis on making sure the surface is perfect before pouring the primer or epoxy. We want to make sure that it’s done once and done right, so you can be proud of your new epoxy flooring.

Custom Styles

If you don’t already have a pristine polished concrete floor you’re looking to surface with epoxy, don’t fret, there’s still plenty of options! We have many base colors available that look great in any garage, but feel free to get creative and choose something a bit different for your garage flooring. We can provide a solid color, or even mix a marble-style floor for you to add some interesting detail. We also have a wide range of flakes available for a whole different look. When it comes to epoxy flooring you won’t find the same limits as most other flooring systems, you have the freedom to get the look you want.


Cars can be quite damaging to most flooring like concrete, even when thick paints are applied. The great thing about getting an epoxy flooring system with Long Island Epoxy Flooring is that we only select the epoxies with high-quality ingredients and hardeners, meaning your new floor will be able to handle your car driving over it for years to come. Any wear as a result of heavy use can be quickly and easily repaired with many kits readily available, or a quick call-out from one of our experienced team members, getting it back to its original appearance in no time.

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