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​​Epoxy Basement Floors


As most of us will be aware, basements are a great use of space under your home but can, unfortunately, be prone to flooding. Having flooring material such as carpet or vinyl often leads to messy clean-ups and can develop mold over time. Epoxy flooring is a great way to eliminate this risk as once it is cured; it forms a smooth, hard and waterproof surface. The best part is that in future if you decide to lay down carpet, you can just put it straight over the top of the epoxy flooring. You'll be prepared for anything the weather has to throw at you!


Depending on what the surface is that the epoxy is going on top of, some preparation may be required. If pouring epoxy on top of a concrete surface, some grinding may be required to ensure the surface is perfectly smooth, as any imperfections will be mirrored in the final epoxy surface. Once totally flat and level, a thorough cleaning is required to ensure no dirt or debris gets trapped within the epoxy. Any cracks within the floor will then be filled with a carefully selected appropriate filler before a primer is applied. Once the primer has dried the first coat will be applied using rollers, followed by any additional coats required once the previous coat has cured.


Epoxy is a very strong and durable compound, owing to the chemical bond created between the flooring it's laid on and the two separate parts mixed when pouring. The specialist epoxy we use has been designed to provide a smooth surface that resists wearing in high traffic areas and is safe to use with most household cleaning chemicals. Knowing the mishaps that can happen in basements from chemical spills to water damage, it's important to make sure your flooring can handle anything you throw at it. Epoxy flooring is a long-term coating that will preserve the flooring below from water damage, mold, and cracks.


Maintenance is a breeze with an epoxy flooring system from Long Island Epoxy Flooring – we provide you with a smooth, non-stick surface that's cleaned easily with a simple broom and mop, as generally, our floors don't require any buffing or polishing to be kept in their top condition. Though extremely resistant to wear, over some time you may find high traffic areas start to scuff or small cracks appear – this is easily repaired with a quick call out from one of our skilled technicians. Don't worry about having to pull up the epoxy and start over again as we have many kits available to touch up affected areas.


Having new epoxy flooring applied is a great alternative to many other flooring options available. Not only can it go over the top of existing flooring that you may want to protect and highlight, but it can also be used to create a whole new look for your floor, with many colors, patterns, and finishes available for you to choose a totally custom look for your new floor. Get in touch with one of our experienced team members today to discuss how we can bring strength and new life to your existing basement flooring at a cost that won't break the bank.

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