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Epoxy has made waves in the flooring industry, being known for its durability, strength, and speed of installation. Not only is it a great low-cost alternative to more traditional building materials like timber or concrete, but it can also be used in unison with these materials to add a layer of protection, letting you enjoy your existing freshly replaced flooring with the knowledge that it's protected by industry leading epoxy products. Epoxy may be a fantastic product but installing it comes with its own unique challenges. We have spent years working with clients from Long Island and Queens to build a reputation of quality and trust. If you need all new flooring in a veterinarian clinic, an epoxy pool deck or just have a small laundry floor needing a coat of urethane cement, our team is up to the task.

About Us
Long Island Epoxy Flooring has become Long Island's leading floor epoxy contractor, supplying quality made epoxy flooring systems. Our success is the result of a committed and skilled team whose passion for quality service shines through their work. We put every effort into ensuring our products and processes are of the best available – we are constantly striving to improve what we do so our customers can be proud of the work we've done for them. Whether it's a small residential job or a large-scale commercial project, we've got the skills and techniques required to get it done. We've had experience from a range of industries including schools, auto dealerships, retail shops, and pharmaceutical labs. With experience like this, we're confident we can handle whatever your project takes.

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    Our Services

    Our range of products and services have been carefully selected with our customers in mind.  We have worked tirelessly to ensure the services we provide are at the highest quality for our valuable clients in the great state of New York. We have a huge range of epoxy options to suit every need, including decorative options such as metallic mixes and flake additives, to more heavy-duty floor sealants and floor painting. We can also work alongside other services such as concrete flooring contractors to pair our services.


    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    Industrial processes can be extremely hard wearing on flooring, with assorted heavy machinery, vehicles and processes all affecting the environment differently. An epoxy flooring system is perfect to deal with this, as it's durable, non-slip and chemical resistant. No matter what your commercial need, we can cater for anything from food processing factories to refrigerative storage.

    Restaurant floors need to not only be functional but look great too. Many materials that are commonly sourced for an application like this can look fantastic but wear quickly over time and struggle to keep up with the hustle and bustle of hospitality. An epoxy floor can be a great solution to either preserve the existing floor or give you a whole new look. We have a huge range of colors, marbling effects and flake additives to bring interest to your new flooring project, while still getting one of the most durable options on the market.


    Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

    Warehousing factories are generally very busy places, often with many pallet jacks and heavy forklifts moving stock to and from storage facilities. This can quickly wear through traditional warehouse flooring and cause headaches for owners having to organize additional cleaning and maintenance. Save yourself time and effort and have a look at our epoxy flooring systems that can work out to save you in the long run.

    The medical industry has been using epoxy flooring for decades because it's simply the best product for the job. With many specifically designed products formulated especially for medical facilities, epoxy floors are a perfect fit! We can provide epoxy systems that are anti-microbial, non-slip and easy to clean to avoid any health and safety risks to your patients. Whether it's for personal care or animal care, we have the right flooring option for your business.


    Epoxy Garage

    We've all had a hard time of trying to remove a nasty oil stain from a concrete garage flooring long island. All the cleaning solutions are expensive and just never seem to work! You may be tempted to cover your concrete floor with some garage tiling but are you sure it'll take the constant wear of parking your car on it daily? Epoxy floors are a fantastic alternative for all automotive applications, from residential to auto mechanic floors.

    Epoxy Basement Floors

    Basements are great for maximizing the use of your home and can make for great spaces to store your important belongings. Unfortunately, they're also vulnerable to flooding, which can quickly lead to the spread of mold. Using a product like epoxy to coat your basement flooring with, you can help minimize the spread of mold and help protect your valuables. Take a look at our offerings and see if we have the right product for you.

    "I moved into a house with beautiful polished floors but I was worried they might get damaged with my busy family using it every day. I contacted Long Island Epoxy Flooring and they put an epoxy coating over the top. It seems so much stronger than before and looks absolutely amazing!" – Michelle S.

    "My warehouse flooring was starting to get old and chipped, I spoke to the team at Long Island Epoxy Flooring about getting an epoxy floor with safety markings built in. The finished product looks great and I can tell it'll put up with the use of my busy workers." – Barry F.

    "My basement got flooded last winter and the work involved in removing the carpet and mold was a nightmare. I decided this year to get epoxy flooring installed by Long Island Epoxy Flooring, it went in with limited fuss and time and looks great. I feel confident for many winters to come." – Andrew M.

    ​If you have flooring you want to help preserve or need a totally new flooring solution for your home or business, we're sure to have the product for you. Pop over to our contact page to find our contact number and give us a call or send us a message, our helpful team are happy to help you in any way they can to make sure you've got all the knowledge and tools to make the best decision for your flooring project.